If you are looking for a work light, we will introduce you some work lights that are good for promotional use. They are economical, compact and multi-functional.

The first is a dual beam COB work light, which has two working modes: COB on and LED on. It has 300 lumens for flood beam and 80 lumens for spot beam. This work light can run 5 hours continuously, which is powered by 3xAA batteries. It has a light distance of 20 meters. This product can be used as a work light and flashlight. It has a stand that can be adjusted 180 degrees at max. This work light can stand easily or hang for hands-free operation. What’s more, it is lightweight that makes it convenient to carry. The most attractive feature of this work light is its cost, less than $2. You can never imagine its price is so competitive!!!

The second is a COB work light. It can provide up to 200 lumens at high mode, using 3AAA batteries. It can last 6 hours continuously at high mode. The work light has a light distance of 10 meters. This product has three working modes: high, low and flash. It has a compact design and a clip on the back. There is a strong magnet on the bottom, which can be attached to metal objects. It has different light settings, so you can choose what you need.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to consult us. Our company will introduce new products from time to time; we are looking forward to your inquiry.




Post time: Sep-02-2022