Ningbo Lander


TENT-11 is a bright camping lantern-200 lumens with white SMD LED and flickering candle light.

4 working modes can be chosen: high, low, candle light and red light. After a full charge, TENT-11 can work continuously at least 25 hours at low mode.

TENT-11 is a rechargeable camping lantern. It can also be used as a power bank.

This portable camping lantern has a handle on the top of it. You can hang it on your tent.

TENT-11 has IPX4 water resistant and 1 meter impact resistant.

It has got CE and RoHs certifications.

We provide 1 year quality guarantee since shipment.



Super bright at a max of 1500lumens with three working modes. You can choose among 1 COB on, 2 COB on, 3 COB on.

This foldable work light save space after you using it.

Strong plastic body with rubber on/off switch button. The durable work light can withstand dropping from 1m.

Light angle can be adjusted.

Easily stand or hang for hands-free operation with quick release karabiner and strong magnets; you can attache it on metal surface.

With 6mm screw nut to fix the tripod.

If you need some samples, please contact us freely.


EAGLE-4 is a bright COB headlamp; can provide 200 lumens at high mode and only has 61g.

It features 3 working modes: low- high- red flash. This headlamp can work continuously 6 hours at low mode and 2.5 hours at high mode.

EAGLE-4 is a rechargeable headlamp, 2 hours are enough to charge them full. This multi-functional headlamp can not only wear on head, you can also wear it on your arm.

EAGLE-4 has IPX4 rated water resistant and 1m impact resistant.

It has got necessary CE, RoHs, UL, cUL certifications for global markets.

1 year quality guarantee since shipment.

Our service team will reply your questions within 24 hours.


This powerful COB work light has up to ​1000 Lumens.

POWER-5 features 3 working modes: high, low and flash.

POWER-5 is a rechargeable work light. It has TYPE-C fast charging port. And the power indicator can show you charging status.

Quick release karabiner with strong magnet. Easy to hang or attach on metal objects.

6mm screw nut for fixing on the tripod

It is small sized and easy to carry with you.

With CE, RoHs, UL, cUL certifications, this POWER-5 work light can be sold to global markets.



The LW130 is a high power work light. The size of it is small, but it can provide 200lumens.

The lighting time of LW130 is up to 6 hours at high mode and 10 hours at low mdoe.

The battery powered work light can provide stable illumination if you prepare batteries for replace.

There is a clip on the back and strong magnets enables you to fix this work light freely.

LW130 can withstand the drop impact from 1m.

This work light has got CE, RoHs certifications. And we provide 12 months quality guarantee since shipment.


The size of this camping lantern is small. It can cast 120 lumens beam at high mdoe and 40 lumens at low mode.

This compact camping lantern is long-lasting. Using 4pcs white SMD LED, it has up to 20 hours run time at low mode.

Three working modes: high- low- flash- off.

It is a portable camping lantern. There is a foldable handle on the top of TENT-13.

IPX4 and impact resistant enables it work in rainy days.

Our camping lantern has CE, RoHs certifications. And we offer 1 year qualty guarantee.


The multi-functional indoor light INNER-4 can be used as a table light, closet light and flashlight. Having this light can save your money to buy other lights.

It has long-lasting time. Up to 6 hours run time at low mode is enough for daily use.  INNER-4 has 2 lighting modes: low on and high on.

The rechargable indoor light INNER-4 uses 1000mAh Li-ion battery (included). Charging 3.5 hours can make it full charge.

The stand up base can make it stand stable. And the closet clip enables this indoor light to attach on the wall and you can change lighting angles freely.

It has got CE, RoHs conformities.

We provide you 1 year quality assurance since shipment.



The 250 lumens Cober-3 bright flashlight has 3 lighting modes: 5W LED high on-5W LED low on-COB LED on-off.

Powered by 3xAAA batteries, it can run 3 hours at  COB LED on mode.

It has magenet in the body, so you can attach it stable on the surface of metal objects. No need to worry it will drop.

This compact flashlight has a clip design, you can clip this  light on your bag belt or your pocket.

The swivel head enables you to adjust the light angle freely. It can be rotated 90 degrees. And the dual beam design can meet your all needs.

Even in the rainy or snowy days, you can still use this flashlight. And it is durable to survive from the drop.


As a LED powerful flashlight, TAC-3 has 250 lumens brightness.

This flashlight is battery powered. It can run 2.5 hours at high mode.

Working modes: high- low- flash- off. You can change working mode by pressing button.

The beam focus of TAC-3 can be adjusted. All your lighting needs can be met.

This water resistant flashlight can prevent water into the interior of it. It is also durable enough to survive from dropping within 1m.

Necessary cerrifications and quality guarantee are avaliable.


This multi-functional indoor light can be used as a light and a humidifier.

The run time of humidifier is 6 hours. And the water tank capacity of INNER-1 is 200ml.

This high power indoor light provides 120 lumens brightness.

Two lighting modes: high on and low on. The switches to control light and humidifier are independent.

This compact indoor light includes a long USB cable.

INNER-1 has got necessary certifications for EU markets. And we also have professional service team.



Using 3W KED+ 2pcs red leds as bulbs,the bright headlamp EAGLE-1 has 100 lumens brightness.

It can work continuously 5-12 hours. The beam distance is 60 meters.

It has three lighting modes: high- low- flash.

The rechargeable USB cable is included.

The body of this durable headlamp is made by ABS plastic, which can withstand the drop from 1 meter.

In the rainy or snowy weather, you can still use it. Water can't influence the performance of this headlamp.

It has obtained the necessary certifications for global markets.




This compact camping lantern has dimming function. You can use button to change the light intensity freely.

The bright camping lantern has 100 lumens and it is rechargeable. This rehchargeable camping lantern need 4 hours to full charge, then it can run 5 hours at high mode.

With a large handle on the top of this camping lantern, it is easy to carry.

What's more, this LED camping lantern can be used as a power bank. When your cell phone is out of power and you can't find a place to charge it. This camping lantern is a suitable light for emergency to charge your phone.

It is water resistant and impact resistant. You can use this camping lantern in the rainy days. When you are in the tent and this camping lantern can give you stable light.