OSRAM, a global leader in optical solutions, complements its high-power UV-C LED portfolio for purification applications. The OSLON® UV 6060 offers powerful 100 milliwatts out of a single die source at 265 nanometer, which is the emission wavelength providing the highest germicidal effectiveness. Combined with the market leading wall-plug efficiency as per internal tests, OSRAM equips its customers offering an optimized system solution to the UV-C treatment market.

The OSLON® UV 6060  from OSRAM meets the needs of industrial applications delivering sustainable UV-C treatment solutions for a clean and purified environment. “We are pleased to add this high performance emitter to our UV-C family. With the OSLON® UV 6060 we are accelerating the industrialization of UV-C LEDs in the growing field of purification and sanitization of air, surfaces and water,” says Nina Reiser, Senior Product Manager at ams OSRAM. “The new OSLON® UV-C LED is ideal for applications which require maximum germidical effectiveness at high power levels while providing outstanding wall-plug efficiency. There are a variety of benefits compared to traditional lighting technologies such as adaptability, compactness and instant-on functionality. However, UV-C LEDs gained momentum and enable with its characteristics on-demand purification in everyday applications.”

The wavelength range of 200-280 nanometers, the so-called UV-C radiation from the sun, does not pass through the earth’s atmosphere, which is why bacteria and viruses have evolutionary little or no defense mechanisms against it. If germs are irradiated with artificially generated UV-C radiation, it attacks the cell structure of microorganisms such as viruses or bacteria as it alters the microbial DNA, which disrupts their capability to replicate.

Therefore UV-C light has already been used for many years for purification applications. Compared to the bulky and wavelength-limited mercury vapor lamps used in the past, the UV-C LED on advanced AIGaN (aluminum gallium nitride) technology basis has a robust design compared to traditional light sources. The compact 6 mm x 6 mm footprint gives customers the added benefit of flexible design for space-critical applications, allowing the LED to be installed directly at the point of use such as in washing machines or air conditioners. The high-power version of the OSLON® UV family achieves on average 100 milliwatts of optical power at 250 milliamperes.

ams OSRAM has been active in the field of UV-C technology for many years. The high-power UV-C LED complements the highly competitive OSLON® UV LED portfolio, consisting of low- to elevated mid-power products. The low- and mid-power versions of the OSLON® family also convince with a further increase in performance with compact dimensions.

Post time: Sep-21-2022