Our company developed several new camping lanterns this year. Among them there are two popular lanterns we want to recommend. They are multi-functional, rechargeable and compact, very suitable for outdoor activities.

The first popular product is a solar camping lantern, which weighs 220g. It can provide 200 lumens, using 3.7V4000mA Li-polymer battery (incl.). This lantern has four working modes: white light (high mode and low mode)-flaming candle light-red light. What’ more, you can charge this lantern by two ways: solar charger and USB charger. When you don’t have place to charge your electronic equipment, you can use this lantern as a power bank. It has passed water resistant IPX5, so you can use it in any unexpected weather. And this lantern passes 1m impact resistant.

The second popular product is a solar foldable camping lantern. It provides 150 lumens at high mode, using 3.7V2000mA polymer battery. It has two working mode: high (100% light) and low (30% light). This lantern can be shaded as a tent lamp or a table lantern. It has two charging modes: solar charging and USB charging. It also has power bank function, you can use it to charge your electronic equipment. This camping lantern is designed with IPx5 water resistant and passes test of 1m impact resistant. Don’t need to worry about being out in the rain or dropping it.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to consult us. Our company will introduce new products from time to time; we are looking forward to your inquiry.

Post time: Sep-16-2022