In recent years, with the increasing global demand for fruits and vegetables, the decreasing per capita area of cultivated land, the increasing demand for home gardening and the rapid development of modern facility agriculture, as a result, new agricultural forms such as greenhouses and plant factories have been rapidly popularized, and the demand for plant lighting equipment continues to grow.
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Compared with traditional agriculture, plants planted with plant lighting are not affected by the natural environment and can receive more suitable light, nutrition and humidity, and can be produced continuously even under harsh conditions or disasters. At the same time, plant lighting can combine botany with Internet of things to optimize plant growth and development by controlling illumination, photoperiod, spectral distribution and light evenness.

From the perspective of application fields, at present, the plant supplementary light equipment is mainly used in greenhouse, vertical agriculture, plant factories and home gardening and other fields. Among them, the plant supplementary light equipment is most widely used in the field of commercial greenhouse.

Currently the global LED plant lighting downstream application market is still mainly concentrated in Japan, the United States, the Netherlands and other countries. With the shortage of food and the shortage of new generation labor force in the future, plant factories will be widely used. By the end of 2020, the total number of artificial light plant factories in our country has exceeded 220, and it has become a big developing country after Japan. As an important part of plant factory, the lighting demand is good for the development of LED plant lighting.

In the long run, plant factories, vertical farms and other modern facilities for the plant lighting market will continue to inject vitality, but also means that the LED plant lighting market has a broad space for growth.

Post time: Jun-30-2022