LED flashlight introduction

With the development of lighting technology and batteries, the high-intensity flashlights are rising quietly. In hiking, camping, night biking, search, lighting, cave exploration and other fields of more and more widely used. LED flashlight has the advantages of small size, strong light intensity, long lighting distance, using LED bulbs, environmental protection and energy saving, less heat, easy to use.Common LED flashlights have bridge key chain type, multi-lamp type, single lamp type high power, etc. . A good LED flashlight with waterproof function and its earthquake resistance is good.


LED flashlight industry in China

With the intensified competition in LED lighting industry, the merger and integration of large enterprises and the increasing prosperity of capital operation, the excellent LED flashlight enterprises at home and abroad pay more and more attention to product research and Development and innovation, in order to occupy the market in advance to gain first-mover advantage, because of this, many excellent brands quickly rise, gradually become the best in the industry.China has the largest share of the global flashlight market, followed by North and Europe

The market scale of LED application industry has reached 608.000 billion yuan. Led landscape lighting market share of 16.50% , its market size of 100.32 billion yuan, an increase of 26.01% , faster than the entire LED application market, the size is expected to exceed 150 billion yuan.

With the rapid development of LED technology and the improvement of intelligent control system, China’s high-brightness LED lighting market is growing rapidly.The market size of LED industry will exceed 89 billion yuan


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Post time: Jun-23-2022