At the national silicon-based LED Engineering Research Center of Nanchang University, a silicon-based yellow LED (light-emitting Diode) chip developed by our country has recently achieved a major technological breakthrough, with the chip’s electro-optic conversion efficiency reaching 27.8% , in the international leading level.


Led is a kind of energy-saving and environment-friendly cold light light-emitting diode. It is the basic component of electronic and information industry and widely used in the market. But for a long time, LED for lighting is mainly dominated by Sapphire substrate in Japan and Silicon Carbide substrate in the United States.

“If we want China’s LED to have its own voice, we must go out of a new way.” Jiang Fengyi boldly chose silicon-based LED lighting technology, trying to go out of a new line.

Starting from zero, the road to innovation is full of hardships. Jiang remembers clearly that on December 28,2003, when a phd student, Mo Chunlan, was conducting an experiment, the blue LED material on a silicon substrate emitted a faint light.

After half a year of improvement, the team hard to make a certain display brightness LED sample tube, silicon substrate LED technology has achieved a phased victory. This technology breaks the monopoly of LED lighting technology in USA and Japan, opens up a new line of LED lighting technology in the world, and takes the lead in realizing a new light source of pure LED health lighting without phosphor.After that, through the team’s continuous research, the invention and improvement of“Silicon substrate GaN-based blue LED technology” scientific research achievements achieved industrialization.They received the first prize certificate of the 2015 only national technological invention award from General Secretary Xi.


After nearly 20 years of research and development and thousands of experiments by the industry team, the Jiang Fengyi team creatively developed a new LED lighting technology line, rewrote the world’s LED history, and broke through many core technologies, our country LED technology in some areas in the international leading position.

Post time: Jul-08-2022